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types of massage offered at Ellis Hollow Healing Arts

swedish deep tissue sports
reflexology rehabilitative hot stone
on-site chair side by side  
somatic awareness aromatherapy  

somatic awareness / emotional release
Are you interested in learning more about your body-mind connection? Somatic awareness can be incorporated into any massage session. The focus will be on areas of discomfort, pain and tightness, and involve gentle exploratory questions and dialogue before, during, and after your session. Increasing somatic awareness helps to integrate our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects. Becoming aware of our bodies, our breath, and the sensations we experience through them is an invaluable healing and life tool, especially in a world where we are socialized to “do” rather than to “be” and often times, to “think” rather than to “feel.” All of the above are equally, but differently important, each an integral part of living a whole life. Increasing somatic awareness helps us to notice more in our day to day lives, such as the places we are “holding” on physically, mentally, and emotionally. Somatic awareness tunes us into the subtleties of our whole experience, including the messages our bodies are trying to communicate with us. When we recognize the places where we are tight, sore, or uncomfortable, we can work towards integrating our past and present experiences, fostering a deeper understanding of and compassion for ourselves, and the freedom to create the life we want.

During these sessions it is not uncommon to have an emotional release. Emotional release facilitates change and the healing process, allowing the body to fully recover from traumatic experiences. According to Candace Pert, Ph.D. (2003), the cells in our bodies store memories, experiences, and feelings. It is no surprise then, that any type of massage can access the body’s stores of memory and experience, both positive and painful. Somatic awareness and emotional release are beneficial to anyone, but especially those who are experiencing problems associated with injuries, accidents, surgery, physical or emotional abuse / trauma, eating and body image disorders.