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types of massage offered at Ellis Hollow Healing Arts

swedish deep tissue sports
reflexology rehabilitative hot stone
on-site chair side by side  
somatic awareness aromatherapy  

on-site chair massage
Chair massage is done while you sit in a specially designed portable massage chair. It’s a great introduction to massage for those who have never had it before. No oil is used, clients remain fully clothed, and your hair doesn’t get messed up. A chair massage session typically lasts 10-15 minutes, and covers the neck, shoulders, and back. It can also include the arms and hands. This type of massage is geared towards relaxation or rejuvenation. Research shows that chair massage increases concentration and productivity in the work environment. Generally, chair massage is booked for special occasions and events. Some work places offer it during busy and stressful times at the office, or to celebrate something. Chair massage is a great addition to a party. It is especially popular before weddings and commitment ceremonies.