What are the Benefits of Regular Massage?
Do you have any tips for getting the most out of my massage?
What are your qualifications to practice massage?
Do I have to be entirely undressed for massage?
What parts of my body will be massaged?
Can I talk during a massage?
Does massage ever hurt?
So, what exactly is a “Trigger Point?”
What if I’m embarrassed about my body?
What if I have a painful memory or feel like crying during my massage?
I’m sick, should I get a massage right now?
I have cancer. Can I get massage?
What types of oils, creams & other products do you use?
How much time should I allow for my massage?
Do you accept insurance?
Do you accept credit cards for payment?
Do you offer package rates or specials for massage?
It’d be so wonderful to get a massage in the comfort of my own home. Do you ever do house-calls?
Why don’t you offer any half hour massage appointments?
How often should I receive massage?