testimonials for ellis hollow homeopathy

"Just talking with Bootsy is a trip! She asks the kind of questions I always hope someone will ask, but they rarely do. And Bootsy really knows how to listen, and to make the important connections, too. At my first visit, I sought help for a psychological issue, and I wasn't certain that homeopathy was the way to go. But the remedy Bootsy gave me was exactly right and the internal shift I was wanting took place very quickly. I felt totally supported, both by Bootsy herself, and by the remedy. Also, I don’t have access to transportation, so she did a house call, no sweat."
I.Z. Ithaca, NY

"I had been lactose-intolerant with chronic nasal congestion and debilitating headaches for as long as I can remember. Fortunately I found Bootsy and she treated me homeopathically. Now I am enjoying dairy products with no problem whatsoever, not to mention that my nasal congestion has opened dramatically, and I haven't had a single migraine since. Besides the health benefits, I've saved a ton of money not having to buy Lactaid pills, nasal sprays, and painkillers. I can't recommend Bootsy and homeopathy highly enough!"
R.M., 20, student

"I've worked with Jill Kellner for more than 13 years. I had an ulcer for 13 years, which Jill took my case for. After treatment, my ulcer was completely healed. That was about 12 years ago, and I've never had any trouble since. Jill has also treated my family for allergies, flu, ear infections, skin problems, sinus infections, immune issues, mono, and lots of other health concerns, and in all instances has shown my family superior skill, thoroughness and compassion. I cannot recommend her highly enough."
T.G., mother of four

"How could I possibly write only a couple of sentences to describe Jill's homeopathic care to others?! I could devote an entire pamphlet to her! If you are visiting this website, I'll assume you're considering homeopathy to get the results you deserve. But not all homeopaths are created equal. You need to find someone who is not only caring, but truly skilled. Someone who knows the materia medica inside and out, who can ask all the right questions to determine your remedy, and who will stick with it until it's right. Jill will absolutely get you on the road to achieving optimal health. Without reservation I highly recommend her; I trust her with my children's health and my own. D.H., mother of 3"
D.H., mother of 3